FREE airport transfer

FREE 16-hours Buffet
7 September, 2017
Hotel offers for 8 nights from 133€/person
7 September, 2017
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FREE airport transfer

One of the biggest attractions of the Spanish Poker Festival are the packs that are prepared in each edition.

As we told you in the article regarding hotel offers, for the SPF 2018 Summer Edition we have prepared packs of 8 nights (Sunday, July 1st to Monday, July 9th) from … 133€ / person!

One of the most interesting points of this offer is the absolutely FREE inclusion of the transport from Nuremberg Airport to King’s Casino (round trip). The transfer is a service that no other event in the King’s Casino has included in its packs for free.

The official days of the free transfer are as follows:

  • ONE-WAY: Sunday, July 1st (10:45h – 14:30h – 22:40h)
  • RETURN: Monday, July 9th.


In order to use for free SPF transfer you simply have to communicate in a transfer that you will use each day and provide us with your flight details (arrival time, company etc, and if it can be a better a screenshot with all the flight information!) to control your arrival at the airport. You can do it via Email, WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook.


For the one-way transfer, the SPF staff (who speak several languages) will be waiting for you on Sunday 1st at Nuremberg Airport with a cartel of the SPF/Kings Casino. Once you get them and they will explain how to get to your transfer.

The times for the transfers in this edition will be closed (there will be 3). The transfer schedule for the transfers have been calculate with the arrivals time from the airports used by most of our players

The schedules of the one way transfer from Nuremberg will be 10:45h – 14:30h – 22:40h.

Noted that the free transfer times are approximate, as delays can occur, especially in TRANSFER 3.

If a specific flight arrives late and arrives later at the time its transfers, these players will be assigned to the next transfer.

Flights arriving later than 23h will not be included in the free transfer. The time for the transfer has been announced around 3 months before the SPF date so you have as much time as possible to organize.

The schedule of the 3 transfer back from Monday July 9th will be posted soon. Each of the players will be responsible for previously registering on the transfer that suits you.


The official airport for the free transfer is Nuremberg Airport, which is 1h hour from Rozvadov.

If a player does not come (or returns) on the date of the free transfers (July 1st and 9th) he will have to take charge of the trip, either through his own vehicle (or rent car) or through the rental of a transfer from King’s Casino.

If any player wants a private transfer, the SPF team can act as intermediaries to make the reservation and to pick you up the day that you need at the airport that you want. The standard King’s Casino transfer prices are as follows:

  • Nuremberg (110€/one-way).
  • Prague (135€/one-way).
  • Munich (180€/one-way).

If you come from another city / station ask us directly. The private transfer must be paid to the drivers themselves.

Remember that all SPF 2018 Summer Edition packs include:

  • FREE entry to the Casino.
  • Free Buffet 16h.
  • FREE transfer from Prague Airport (July 1st and 9th).
  • Free merchandising.

If you want to make your reservation for the Spanish Poker Festival visit

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  1. Garen says:

    Hello im coming from frankfurt airport how much will it cost to get to rozvadov and then get back to frankfurt airport. The trip is approximately 3h.

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