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1 What is the Spanish Poker Festival?
The Spanish Poker Festival (SPF) is a Poker Festival held at King's Casino in Rozvadov (Czech Republic). It is a festival realized by Spaniards and directed to Spanish players, although of course in the events can participate any player of the World.
2Why is the SPF played in the Czech Republic?
The idea of the SPF is to mobilize the Spanish players to King's Casino Rozvadov. King's Casino is the largest poker room in Europe, and we believe that no other casino is suit better to the SPF conditions. The SPF pretends to create the best possible packs so that players who move from Spain only have to worry about playing poker.
3When in the next edition of SPF?
The next edition will be the SPF 2018 Winter Edition, which will be held from July 1st to 8th. We will have a total of 15 events and more than 400,000€ guaranteed during all festival, with a Main Event of 300€ with 200.000€ GTD. You can see all the event information here:


1What is included in the SPF packs?
The packs of the SPF 2018 Summer Edition are packs of 8 nights: from Sunday, July 1st to Monday July 9th, 2018. The rooms are double (or double for single use), although there is also a choice of triple rooms for only 50€ (3*) or 100€ (4*) until end of stock. All packs include, in addition to the 8 hotel nights: FREE casino entrance, FREE 16h Buffet, FREE transport from Nuremberg airport and Merchandising. You can see the complete prices on the page "Reservations". Payment should be done when reservation is made.
2 Can I go fewer days than the pack includes?
The packs of the SPF are packs closed for 8 nights and its price is so good precisely because of that, because the idea is to use those +70 rooms during the 8 full days. The price would be the same if you come 8 days, if you come 7 or come 6, 5, etc. If a player wants to stay an extra day at the King's Casino the extra night would cost 100€/nigh (5* hotel), up to a maximum of 3 days. For longer stays ask the organization.
3Where are King's Casino hotels located?
All the hotels we offer in the SPF packs are King's Casino hotels, although they are not all on the same area. All the hotels have very good qualities, and most of them are very new, so they are quite good. What distinguishes in most cases its category is the distance with the King's Casino. The 3* hotels are two: OMV (place 1km away from the Casino and with a OK quality) and Orange( It has OK quality and is located just 100m from the Casino). The 4* hotels are the Admiral, Yellow and Olympia. The first 2 are of very good quality and both are located less than 100m from the Casino. The Olympia hotel is 500m away from Casino, but have much bigger and confortable rooms. The 5* hotel is the new King's hotel and is in the same building than Casino, you just have to climb the stairs and you'll be in your room. Very spacious and comfortable. You can see photos of all the hotels in the page "Reservations".
4How do I make the reservation for the SPF?
To make the reservation of the pack you must fill out the form that appears at the end of the "Reservations" page and we will confirm via email the realization of your reservation. In case there is any problem with the reservation you can solve it via email ( or Via WhatsApp (+34 688 99 16 17). Once the reservation form is sent, we will send you the data to make the payment of the booking. Please note that in order for the reservation of a pack to become effective, the payment of the pack must be received. You can make the payment of the packs through different methods: Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Cash (in one of our tourneys in Spain) or Bank transfer.
5Until what date can I reserve the packs?
The official deadline for reserving your pack for the Spanish Poker Festival is untill 10 days before the event, but packs will be sold out within a few weeks as the number of rooms is limited. The packs will increase its price. You can see the complete prices in the page "Reservations".
6Will there be any special promotion?
Yes, our prices are spectacular ... but we also have a super-promotion! If you pay your pack in CASH during the Levante Poker Challenge of Casino Castellón (from March 22th to April 1st) or during the SPFn Madrid of Casino Gran Vía and Casino Aranjuez (from April 20th to 29th) you will have special discounts on your packs: 50€ in 3* rooms and 75€ in 4* and 5* rooms!! You can find more information about this in our social networks.
7Can I cancel my reservation?
Reservations can only be canceled BEFORE 1st May 18. From these dates no reservation can be canceled, however if you can give it to someone (free or sell it on the outside). The cancellation of a reservation (always before 01/05/2018) will have a cost of 15% of the price, for example the SPF organization will refund 85% of the payment made by your reservation. If a player makes his reservation and does not appear in the event he has no right of compensation.
8Do I really have free food / drink during all SPF the festival?
Exactly. Usually guests of the King's Casino have to pay 10€/day to enter and once inside can take advantage of all the advantages they offer, including the free buffet. However, players who pick up their SPF pack with us will have FREE entry to the Casino and will be able to use the buffet whenever they want without any cost. In addition, in the tournament area there is a counter with more drinks and coffee machines that you can use for free. Alcoholic beverages are NOT included.
9How does the airport transfer work?
The transfer is a service that no other event in King's Casino has included in its packs for free. If you book your pack for SPF with us, we pick you up at the Nuremberg airport on Sunday, July 1st and take you to the King's Casino for FREE and we will take you back to the airport on Monday, July 9th. The free transfer is ONLY included in the dates exposed before. If you return another day or to another airport would NOT be included. The exactly time of the transfer will be posted in our officil website and social media. If a player wants a transfer outside the one that we offer for free, the SPF team can act as an intermediary to make the reservation and they will pick you up the day that they need at the airport that you want. You will pay this service to the driver directly. Standard prices for King's Casino transfers for 1-3 persons are: Prague (€135/way), Nuremberg (€110/way) and Munich (€185/way). If you come from another city ask us directly.
10Why are packs so cheap?
The SPF’s organization and the King's Casino have worked for months before the event to offer the best possible prices to the players. Among other things, the organization of the SPF reserves months in advance +70 rooms, thanks to which it obtains a unique prices, which later offers its players.
11Is the flight not included in the pack?
No, the flight is not included in the SPF packs. The SPF recommend you to fly to Nuremberg on Sunday July 1st with return on Monday, July 9th, since the free transfers are only made those days to that airport. During the remaining days and for the other airports the transfer will be at the client's expense.
12Are there special prices for groups?
YES! If you are a group of 6 or more rooms do not hesitate to contact us via email ( or better even via WhatsApp (+34 688 99 16 17) and we will offer a great discount for your group.
13Are the SPA and the Gym included in the packs?
The Kings Casino has in the 5* hotel a spectacular Wellness area with SPA, sauna, gym and Thai Massage. All players who buy our packs will have authorized entry to the Wellness area. Your schedule is from 12:00 to 24:00. The gym is completely free, while the SPA (pool, saunas, relaxation area, etc) has a cost of € 10, and € 5 extra for each additional hour. The Thai Massage is spectacular and the Oil Massage prices are € 42 / 60min or € 55 / 90min (quite cheap for a hotel).

King´s Casino

1Where is King's Casino Rozvadov?
The King's Casino is located in Rozvadov, a small town in the Czech Republic with only 700 inhabitants. Rozvadov is 17 km south of Tachov, 61 km west of Pilsen, 143 km west of Prague and 132 km east of Nuremberg. The King's Casino is situated in a strategic location as it is only a few kilometers from the border with Germany, thus regularly nurturing German players, as there are big problems in Germany with live poker due to German regulation.
2How to get to King's Casino?
By plane: You can fly to Prague (Czech Republic) which is at 1:30 p.m. from the King's Casino, to Nuremberg (Germany) which is at 1:30 p.m. or to Munich (Germany) which is 2 p.m. By train: The nearest train stations are Nuremberg, Weiden, Wernberg, Regensburg or Amberg. By car from Prague: Simply drive on D5 / E50. By car from Munich: Take the A9, A93 and then A6 to D5 / E50. If you wish you can rent an official King's Casino transfer, which will pick you up wherever you wish and will leave you at the door of the Casino. It is certainly the most comfortable option. The prices are for 6 people: Prague (145 € / trip), Nuremberg (110 € / trip) and Munich (185 € / trip). To rent these transfers call or send an email to King's Casino: +420 374 616 050 or
3What cash games you can find at King's Casino?
The cash game tables of the King's Casino are available 24 hours a day and you can find tables from NLH 1/3 to 25/25 or PLO 2/2 to 25/25, although depending on the week you can finde open tables daily up to 200/400. There are also Dealer Choice and OFC tables.
4Does Kings Casino have SPA and Gym?
Of course! The Kings Casino has in the 5* hotel a spectacular Wellness area with SPA, sauna, gym and Thai Massage. All King´s Casino customers (even if you are not staying at the 5* hotel) are authorized to enter the Wellness area. The schedule is from 12:00 to 24:00. The gym is completely free, while the SPA (pool, saunas, relaxation area, etc) has a cost of € 10, and € 5 extra for each additional hour. The Thai Massage is so good and the standar Oil Massage prices are € 42 / 60min or € 55 / 90min (quite cheap for a hotel).

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