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7 September, 2017
TV Table
7 September, 2017
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Live coverage

For this new edition of the Spanish Poker Festival we have great news regarding Live Coverage, because, the best Spanish-language poker news website, will be the Official Media Partner of the SPF 2018 Summer Edition!

At Poker-Red you can see the written follow-up of the 3 most important events of the festival: Spanish Cup (2-3-4 July), High Roller (4-5 July) and Main Event (5-6-7-8 July) ).

And of course you can follow our spectacular TV Table with the final tables of the 3 tournaments.

The Poker-Red Live-coverage will be accompanied by timely updates on our Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Our written follow-up will be accompanied by our usual Photo Gallery on Facebook and Poker-Red, as well as our Video Gallery, so you can live even more closely with this SPF.

At the end of each day you can find the chronicles, the chipcounts and the seatdraws both in Poker-Red and in the Official Website of the SPF:

Do not miss out on anything that happens in the SPF 2018 Summer Edition!


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